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How visual rehabilitation can develop the bright future of children with low vision?

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Visual rehabilitation is the most common intervention to slow down the development of visual impairment and improve vision. According to WHO, rehabilitation is “a set of interventions designed to optimize functioning and reduce disability in individuals with health conditions in interaction with their environment.”

The primary aim of the visual rehabilitation program is to help a child or adult to be as independent as possible and help them to be part of the society for contribution. But when it comes to children, rehabilitation has a lot of other benefits.

Firstly, rehabilitation in early stages is more effective than in later stages as their brain and eyes develop rapidly at a young age.

Secondly, rehabilitation improves the child’s mental and emotional health as they get affected when a child has low vision. A child with low vision is most likely to face issues related to mental health and may feel depressed.

Furthermore, children at a young age are at a stage of learning. One of the ways children learns is by playing. They learn how to solve problems and techniques to use to solve a problem by playing. They also develop their muscle and motor skills while playing. If a child has low vision, they will not be able to learn all the essential skills they need in their daily life. Early visual rehabilitation would help your child to use his/her residual vision to its greatest extent which means, your child can play, learn and grow better.

Moreover, low vision will have a future impact on children. For instance, it is difficult to get employed while visually impaired. Imagine as a visually impaired person, you would be unemployed and hence be economically dependent on your parents. This might also cause stress, depression, and other emotional and mental health-related issues. Early visual rehabilitation will help your child to be motivated throughout his/her life, be independent and help your child to be employed in the future.

To conclude, early visual rehabilitation offers a lot of benefits for low vision children. It can improve the mental and physical state of your child. It can make your child motivated and improve his/her vision. It can also help you in the future if your child is employed and earn his/her own money. It will decrease the hassle on the family as the child becomes independent. It will allow your child to contribute to the society.


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