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Visual stimulation for infants and children

Updated: May 3, 2020

There are approximately 3 million children with low vision in the world...

There are approximately 3 million children with low vision and 1.5 million children with no vision in the world. In underdeveloped countries, causes such as corneal damages due to deficiency of vitamin A or measles infection, cataract and glaucoma are in the foreground, while hereditary retinal diseases or congenital eyeball abnormalities are more common in developed countries than other causes.

In addition, the effects of visual parts in the brains of babies who are deprived of oxygen during birth, premature retinopathy in premature babies and deprivation of adequate visual stimulation for a long time are also important causes of low vision in childhood.

Today, as a result of the developments in the field of intensive care, very small premature babies are holding on to life. Infants who remain in the incubator for months during the treatment process in neonatal intensive care units are unfortunately far from the visual stimuli necessary for their vision development and these babies are also low vision candidates.

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