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Why early intervention for child with visual impairment is important?

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Children in their early stages need to develop essential skills (Ex: Problem solving skills etc). They develop their skills by playing which helps them to explore the world, develop their muscle and learn how to think to solve problems. If their vision is affected, then their play is also affected as they cannot interact with the world as a normal child would. This will cause learning issues which will make them loose hope, and not be self-dependent. This is also a pain for the parents as they would be worried about their child’s future.

Intervention incudes rehabilitation which would be visual stimulation by showing them different pictures with colours and moving object to stimulate their vision. Early intervention is very important as this would help your child with their growth and development and improve their learning abilities. In other words, it would improve their quality of life. Think about their future and what they have to go through if they do not receive the proper rehabilitation while they are young, this would affect their future, career, mental health, emotions, employment and so on. What is even worse is they are most likely to get into depression.

Moreover, numerous research have shown that early intervention is effective than intervention in later life. This is because during their early days, their vision develops significantly and if this development is enhanced with rehabilitation, this would help their vision greatly and it would allow them to use their remaining vision better.

Therefore, early intervention always helps to improve your child’s vision and future. It will help them to learn essential skills during their childhood and apply them in their later life to be self-dependent. It will also help them to engage with other children and play to improve their motor abilities and cognitive function as they progress to school. Our product, “can-eye” provides all the necessary tools for the rehabilitation for your kids. Exercises are divided into modules and based upon your child’s issue; a module would be recommended. Our app is developed by the help of experts (neonatologists, ophthalmologists and occupational therapists,). Read more about us today and download the app on your phone to help your child.

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