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Does visual stimulation work?

You may be wondering: does visual stimulation work?

The short answer: YES!

#WHO estimates that 80% of global visual impairment is treatable or preventable from a young age. For a longer answer, let’s turn to some studies: This one ( saw benefits from visual stimulation programs for children with a wide range of ages and diagnosis. Simple black-and-white geometric patterns, which you’ll see in totally free Module A of “can-eye”’s rehabilitation programme, helped children of different ages. Getting children to actively participate in an exercise helped them even more.

Another study ( looked at multiple benefits from visual stimulation and concluded that it helps the child handle everyday situations more effectively, develops hand-eye coordination and can even help build the mother-child relationship.

There’s still a lot more to learn about low vision, and not everything is treatable right now. Visual stimulation has been used for a long time but it’s only more recently that personalised support tailored to the child’s needs--like “can-eye”’s customizable exercises--has been available. But what we do know is that early intervention is incredibly important, and there are millions of children who could--and will--benefit from it.

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